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Mohawk Closing Wheel

Mohawk Closing Wheel

Standard, rubber closing wheels have a tendency to press the soil closed causing a smooth effect, especially when the soil is wet. On a hot, dry windy day, the furrow will crack back open exposing the seed. Eliminate this problem with the Mohawk Closing Wheel.

The non-aggressive, 1” angled blunt spikes on the Mohawk Closing Wheel feather the soil in the furrow while simultaneously applying light pressure to ensure the furrow is stitched shut. As the spikes close they create indentations which allow moisture to sink in, also increasing the seed to soil contact. Other closing wheels on the market are aggressive and have the potential of actually flipping seeds out of the furrow. You won’t have that problem with the Mohawk Closing Wheel!

Farm Journal agronomist Ken Ferrie conducted a three-year study examining closing wheel designs, including the Mohawk. He classified the Mohawk as a firming spiked closing wheel, which are designed to provide both crushing action of the sidewall and firming above and around the seed. He concluded that in the toughest no-till conditions, wheels like the Mohawk get the job done the best.

Source: Eckelkamp, Margy. "Test Plots: Close and Seal the Deal." Farm Journal Magazine. 9 Feb 2013. www.agweb.com/farmjournal/article/test_plots_close_and_seal_the_deal
Mohawk creating cone in field

Benefits of the Mohawk Closing Wheel

  • Moves soil with minimal compaction into the furrow
  • Uses existing wheels and bearings
  • Feathers the soil in the seed V with it’s wide track design
  • Made to work in tough soils
  • Longer wear, heavy duty cast steel
  • Designed to break up compaction without being too aggressive
  • Works in no-till or conventional
  • Eliminates air pockets
  • Breaks down soil and closes the furrow at the same time
  • 1” spike won’t get to close to the seed
  • Angled finger design doesn’t flip or throw soil out, allows for accurate release
  • As it closes it creates indentations which allow moisture to sink in
  • On a hot windy day the trench won’t crack back open
  • Allows for better seed to soil contact

Mohawk Testimonials

Mohawk wheel with G2 and Rebounder on John Deere

In the Field Performance: Mohawks vs. Standard Closing Wheels

The following graph shows data from a field of soybeans planted on May 29, 2013 near Ponca City, OK with Black Machine tool bar equipped with John Deere 7200 Max Emerge II row units, some with standard rubber closing wheels and some with Mohawk Closing Wheels. 2.5" of rain fell on the field a week after planting, causing erosion down the rows even though the farm had not been cultivated in 5 years. Stand counts were taken June 15, 2013 on varying degrees of slope down 36' row. The steeper the slope the greater the erosion of the soil down the furrow, and the less stand counts behind the regular closing wheels.

Graphed data showing that Mohawk Wheels outperform standard closing wheels on a field of soybeans

How Do Mohawk Wheels Wear?

The following photos show a Mohawk Wheel that has been run 1500 acres. As you can see, it's still in excellent condition!

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