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G2 2x2 Liquid Fertilizer Disc

Revolutionary Liquid Application System

Schaffert Mfg. Co. offers a revolutionary method of applying larger quantities of starter or nitrogen fertilizers, 2”-3” to the side of the row and up to 2” deep with our G2 fertilizer disc behind the planter. The G2 fertilizer disc is an 8” single disc opener that is mounted on the press wheel brackets of John Deere, Kinze, White, Great Plains, Monosem, and Yetter planters.

The G2 liquid disc is designed on a walking beam axle with 3 points of contact in the soil at all times. This patented walking beam design gives stability and balanced pressure to both press wheels in closing the seed V, better and more even depth of fertilizer in uneven terrains, only 11 pounds per row added weight, which is easy to mount and easy to walk around the planter. The compact design eliminates having to find room in front or behind the planter for much larger, heavier, and more expensive fertilizer solutions.

In a 3-year fertilizer application study (2011-2013) by Ken Ferrie of Farm Journal Magazine the G2 fertilizer disc topped their yield trials. (see charts)

Right and left hand row units are available.

G2 2x2 liquid fertilizer disc G2 with high pressure fertilizer kit
g2 in field fertilizer tube

The Out the Back Injector Nozzle style uses a different bracket for the farmers who want to inject fertilizer deeper in the soil using a piston pump, hydrallic pump or PTO pump that produce high pressure. The fittings for the high pressure nozzle are all stainless steel with a 1/4" Injector tip screwed into the of the pipe. One is able to adjust the height of the nozzle by loosening the set screw in the tube holder. The Stainless pipe nipples come in 5" or 6" lengths. The disc can be set to run 1/2" to 2" deep in the soil using the 4 holes of adjustment on the front of the bracket where the wheel bolts on.

Benefits of the Fertilizer Disc:

Close coupled design: Planter depth is controlled by the gauge wheels on a planter or drill. Most fertilizer attachments are 30’’ to 36’’ away from the seed drop thus making it hard to control depth of the planter unit in uneven ground. Our new fertilizer disc is placed between the gauge wheel and the press wheel making it less than 12’’ from the seed drop thus keeping the planting unit running at a more constant depth.

  • New liquid disc is tucked in behind the gauge wheel to keep it from plugging in heavy residue
  • Gauge wheels stay clean because liquid disc is behind them
  • Powder iron oil impregnated bushings for durability
  • Center pivot walking beam axle design to create equalizing pressure on both the press wheel and the liquid disc
  • No drilling of holes on newer style JD, Kinze, White, Monosem and Great Plains planters
  • Heavy duty triple sealed bearing used in the disc
  • Helps break up sidewall compaction, letting the closing wheel close the seed trench better
  • Won't disturb the seed
  • Single disc design for better penetration
  • No need for extra heavy duty down pressure springs
  • Adds only 11# per row
  • Easy to install

Fertilizer Disc Testimonials

New G2 Fertilizer Disc Features

High Pressure Injector Orifice

Schaffert Mfg.'s new high pressure injector orifice is made to screw into our G2 2x2 high pressure kit. Features of the orifice include: high pressure injector orifice

  • Screws inside 3/8" stainless tube
  • Easy to install with an Allen wrench
  • Orifice OD is 5/16"
  • Stainless steel compact design
  • 10 color coated orifice sizes
  • Injects high pressure, 2-80 GPA
  • Universal models - fits many machines
  • Allows tube to be closer to soil surface, eliminating trash buildup

Click here for rate chart

For more information visit our Application Rates page.

PLEASE NOTE: Only 1 orifice can be used under pressure, either this high pressure injector orifice out the back or an orifice in the manifold. DO NOT RUN 2 ORIFICES UNDER PRESSURE!!!

Conversion Kits

We are offering an Improved G2 Fertilizer Disc conversion kit for older style John Deere and Kinze planters that will now allow the G2 Fertilizer Disc to fit them. This new conversion kit will allow producers with older style Kinze, John Deere 7000,7100,7200 and 7300 planters to use our G2 Fertilizer Disc. After much demand over the past 2 years we designed a new bracket that will work like the NEWER John Deere Planters. The 7200 and 7300 planters will not need new press wheels because they already have the right bearing. The only ones that need to have new wheels are the ones that have water pump type bearings.

Conversion kits for Monosem are available as well. These tail section update kits fit 2001 and newer Monosem planters.

2" Clearance Mounting Brackets

Also new for all 2013 model G2 Fertilizer Disc are mounting brackets that will give the G2 at least 2" more clearance under the tail section of the planter.

Easy Adjust Trash Deflector & Tube Holder for Low & High Pressure

(shown is the high pressure kit)
G2 easy adjust trash deflector and tube holder

Stalk Deflector

G2 stalk deflector

JD 1700 Series planters G2 Stalk Deflector mounting instructions
JD 7000/7100/7200/7300 Series & Kinze planters G2 Stalk Deflector mounting instructions

New Arm Bracket for Kinze & Monosem Planters

compare new and old arm bracket on Kinze and Monosem planters

Benefits of the New Arm Bracket:

  • Redesigned arm bracket allows the back press wheel to run evenly with the front press wheel, keeping constant pressure on both wheels
  • No longer have to cut into tail section

Kinze G2 Mounting Instructions
Monosem G2 Mounting Instructions

G2 Tops Farm Journal Yield Trials

In a 3-year fertilizer application study by Ken Ferrie of Farm Journal Magazine the G2 fertilizer disc topped their yield trials.

Farm Journal 2013 Yield Trials graph

Source: Eckelkamp, Margy. "Smooth Hand-Off." Farm Journal Magazine. 25 Jan 2014. www.agweb.com/article/smooth_hand-off_NAA_Margy_Eckelkamp

Farm Journal 2012 Yield Trials graph

Source: Eckelkamp, Margy. "Starter Test Plot Roundup." Farm Journal Magazine. 26 Jan 2013. www.agweb.com/article/starter_test_plot_roundup

Farm Journal 2011 Yield Trials graph

Source: Eckelkamp, Margy. "Strategic Placement" Farm Journal Magazine. 28 Jan 2012. www.agweb.com/farmjournal/article/strategic_placement