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2x2 Fertilizer for Case IH Planters

NEW! 2x2 Liquid Fertilizer Tube

Schaffert Mfg. Co.'s new fertilizer tube mounts directly to Case IH planter units and moves independently of the covering disc bracket. Its compact design injects fertilizer directly into the slice opened by the IH leading cover disc. The tube places fertilzer precisely where you want it: 2x2, giving roots early access to the nutrients needed for optimal plant growth.

The fertilizer is incorporated into moist soil, so it will not splash on the planter, press wheels, or on top of the ground. This keeps the standard or Chicken Track press wheels from building up with mud.

2x2 liquid fertilizer tube for Case IH planters

2x2 liquid fertilizer tube for Case IH planters

Fertilizes 2x2

  • Injects fertilizer into furrow 2x2
  • Incorporates fertilizer into moist soil
  • Puts fertilizer in slice or opening made by cover disc
  • Optional to add high pressure tips (for more information see below or visit our Application Rates page)

How It Mounts

  • Formed compact tube bolted to unit
  • Mounted directly to planter, NOT to cover discs
  • Fertilizer hose attaches high up on planter
  • Lefts and Rights available

Eliminates Common Problems

  • Eliminates fertilizer on planter, press wheels, and on top of ground
  • Eliminates catching trash
IH 2x2 Fertilizer Tube mounting instructions

Tips & Testimonials

K.W., IN-

Just finished installing the latest 2″x2″ fertilizer tubes with the sliding top bracket. They fit perfectly! Great idea with the top bracket! Thank you for your efforts and for your persistence.

R.D., AR-

I am planting corn with the 2x2 fertilizer tubes and I really like them—they are working great. Instead of orifices, I put a drag hose on the end of the tube and it eliminated the splatter from the dribbling out the bottom of the stainless tube.

2x2 liquid fertilizer tube for Case IH planters

High Pressure Injector Orifice

Schaffert Mfg.'s new high pressure injector orifice is made to screw into our 2x2 fertilizer tubes. Features of the orifice include: high pressure injector orifice

  • Screws inside 3/8" stainless tube
  • Easy to install with an Allen wrench
  • Orifice OD is 5/16"
  • Stainless steel compact design
  • 10 color coated orifice sizes
  • Injects high pressure, 2-80 GPA
  • Universal models - fits many machines
  • Allows tube to be closer to soil surface, eliminating trash buildup

Click here for rate chart

For more information visit our Application Rates page.

PLEASE NOTE: Only 1 orifice can be used under pressure, either this high pressure injector orifice out the back or an orifice in the manifold. DO NOT RUN 2 ORIFICES UNDER PRESSURE!!!