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Furrow V Closer

Furrow V Closer and mounting bracket

About the Furrow V Closer

If you use no-till or other alternative till planting methods, then you know how difficult it is to properly close the seed furrows.

The Furrow V Closer comes up superior in closing the seed trench ahead of the press wheels in heavy, wet soils. It does not run in the seed trench, but rather to the side of the seed V opening, making it easier to place starter fertilizer and/or chemicals in the furrow with the seed.

If you are practicing reduced tillage and especially if you are planting on the early side, be conscious of soil temperature variability. Temperatures under heavy residue are usually several degrees colder than they are in bare fields. The top soil is always warmer than the soil at a 3 inch depth. (as much as 10 degrees difference). Corn will germinate at soil temperatures of 45-50 degrees F., but lower temperatures may significantly decrease the uniformity of germination.

This is a very distinct advantage of the FVC over the seed firmer wheels, because the FVC puts the warmer, moist surface soil on top of the seed, where it can enhance germination, speed sprouting time and emergence.

fvc in the field

The image on the left shows how the FVC closes the seed V, and the image on the right shows it without the FVC and the result is an open seed V.

Exceptional Results in Wetter Soils

By using the Furrow V Closer and the Rebounder in wetter soils you will achieve greater results. Fig. (a) shows the angle of pitch used to accomplish this and the gauge wheel tire. The Press wheels were designed to firm the soil over the seed in tilled seed beds where the soil practically fell in over the seed. With the firm ground resulting from minimum tillage situations, the double disc openers leave compacted furrow side walls that resist closing over the seed even with increased pressure on the press wheel(s). Increased pressure compounds the compaction in the seed zone and contributes to crusting problems above the seed. If the sides of the furrow do not close in over the seed, there is poor seed to soil contact (fig. (b)) If they crack open and expose the seed, it dries out and does not germinate (fig.(c)).If they close at the top without soil directly above the seed, it may germinate, leaf out & then be unable to penetrate the crust above and die (fig. (d)).

fvc angle of pitch fvc seed to soil contact fvc fig c fvc fig d

Benefits of the Furrow V Closer

furrow v closer
  • Affordable - 1/2 the price of the spoked closing wheels
  • Closes the seed V opening ahead of the press wheels
  • Eliminates air pockets for better seed/soil contact
  • Poly discs are herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer resistant
  • Poly discs are resistant to mud build up
  • Works well in all soil types
  • Easy to assemble and install - only 10 minutes per row!
  • New heavy duty triple seal bearings that turn easily
  • Reduced down pressure on press wheels = less compaction
  • Models available for most planters

Furrow V Closer Testimonials

Furrow V Closer Model Types

jd 7000 jd 1700 kinze 2000 white 5000 white 8k white 6k 8k s ih ih 400 monosem universal yetter ih new bracket white 6000A great plains IH White

FVC Mounting Brackets, Shafts, & Gauging Tools

furrow v closer mounting brackets, shafts, and gauging tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store the FVCs?

Make sure that the planter does not rest on poly Furrow V Closer discs during storage! Furrow V Closer discs can warp!

When should I remove the FVCs?

Check the tail section’s full range of motion for adequate FVC clearance. If you have a field you don’t need to use the FVC on, just remove the bearing, hub, and disc assembly and not the shaft it runs on. This saves time in re-setting the FVC when you need it. More pitch and less depth move the same amount of soil.

How do I adjust the FVCs?

Reduce the down pressure on the press wheels! This helps prevent compaction which allows quicker emergence and at the same time saves press wheel bearings.

What exactly do the Furrow V Closers do?

The FVC stitches the seed V shut so it doesn’t crack back open on a hot, windy day after planting.