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Optional In-Furrow Fertilizer Fittings

for Rebounder™ Seed Covers

The Rebounder and Y-Not Split-It fertilizer attachment splitting fertilizer to the sides of the seed

Plants require 14 essential nutrients for healthy growth. The absence of any one nutrient in the soil can limit plant growth, even when all other plant nutrients are present in adequate amounts. The three micro-nutrients that are most essential for food production and quality are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Fertilizer placement in relation to the seed is the key to successful plant growth. Soil types play a large role in what method of fertilizer application should be used (direct or split), so we recommend you consult with your agronomist on which fitting will work best for your agricultural program.

About Optional Fittings

Each Rebounder has the option of allowing liquid fertilizer or chemical to be applied in various locations to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you want to split the fertilizer or place it directly on the seed, we have many options for you to choose from.

Adding fertilizer in-furrow is a simple and beneficial way to give the crop an added boost in it's earliest stage of development. Ear size and bushels are determined early on in the developmental cycle, so you can see how this could be advantageous to the long term outcome. Even soybean yields can be increased with in-furrow fertilizer application. As much as five bushels per acre have been reported from farmers using in-furrow fertilizer fittings with the Rebounder.

Rebounder Optional Fittings - Model Type Examples

Below are just some examples of in-furrow optional fittings for the Rebounder Seed Cover. Pictured from left to right:

Y-Not Split-It on a Super Tuff Orange Rebounder for a John Deere Style Planter (also works with other planter models). The Y-Not Split-it, distributes the fertilizer on each side of the seed into the sidewalls.

Secondly, the Hose Holder Kit, secured through the molded in tab on a Super Tuff Orange Rebounder, and shown on an IH 800/900 Series Planter (also works with other planter models). The Hose Holder distributes the liquid out front and on top of the seed, a little soil is mixed in with the fertilizer in this method.

Third, is the Straight Shot shown on a Super Tuff Orange Drill Rebounder (also works on IH 1200 Series Planters). The Straight Shot Kit distributes the liquid under the Rebounder, directly on top of the seed.

Fourth, are the Stainless Steel Tube options. Stainless Steel tubes can be used along with the Rebounder Seed Cover.

Not shown is the Granular Method.

optional Rebounder Fittings

Y-Not Split-It

  • Fertilizes sidewalls of seed V
  • Ensures that the seeds won't be drenched
  • Apply up to 10 gallons per acre in furrow
  • Less than 5 minutes to install
  • Optional Bullet Check Valve - stops the flow of liquid at end of Y when pump is shut off

Hose Holder

  • Places liquids above and on the seed
  • Keeps liquid off discs and planter
  • Hose is secured with molded-in tab
  • Distributes liquids evenly in furrow

Straight Shot

  • Places liquid directly on the seed from under the Rebounder
  • Lower profile design
  • Keeps liquid off wheels and discs
  • Secured with metal plate
  • Works with planters and drills

Stainless Steel Tubes

  • Easy installation
  • Affective liquid placement
  • Durable, rust free stainless steel
  • Works with planters and drills
  • Great for starter application
  • Works with Rebounders

Granular Application

  • Applies granular in-furrow