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Plot Planters

The Versa-Tiller

Looking to increase the wildlife game in your area, or change the layout of you property, all while saving time and effort? If so, we have the perfect piece of equipment, packed full of versatility! The Versa-Tiller is the ultimate all-in-one solution for your discing and seeding needs. It is ideal for planting food plots, gardening, landscaping, or farming on a smaller scale. Use it to sow food for wildlife, or farm animals. The Versa-Tiller is so diverse that it can do the job of multiple piece of equipment, saving you time and money. All of this versatility combined into one compact piece of equipment!

The Versa-Tiller is designed to:


Tye Landscape Seeder

The Tye Landscape Seeder is a versatile, convenient seeder.

The Tye Landscape Seeder is designed to:


Buffalo Plot Planter

buffalo plot planter

Used Buffalo Food Plot Planter.

Key Components and Functions: