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Gauge and Press Wheel Scrapers

About the Wheel Scrapers

The Gauge and Press Wheel Scraper consists of an adjustable poly blade or a metal blade (for JD press wheel scrapers) that keeps the depth wheel clean and mud-free allowing you to keep an even and consistent seed depth. Mud build up can lead to shallow plantings, delayed emergence and overall reduction in yield.

With the Gauge and Press Wheel Scrapers you will be able to spend more time on the tractor with no time cleaning your depth wheels. No down time cleaning the wheels equals more acres planted per day.

The Gauge Wheel Scraper easily welds or bolts onto most planters and once the Wheel Scraper is installed, with a one wrench design, it will conveniently flip out of the way when you are not using it.

Press Wheel Scrapers for JD & Kinze Planters do not have Poly Scrapers - they are metal only.


Benefits of Wheel Scrapers

  • Keeps the gauge wheel clean even in loose, muddy soil
  • Readily adaptable on most planters
  • Keeps gauge wheel clean so seed depth does not change
  • Easily flips out of the way when not needed
  • Adjustable Gauge Wheel plastic scraper fits contour of tire
  • Welds or bolts on easily
  • Affordable & Economical
  • Scrapers are made of high molecular poly which is gentle on wheels and extremely durable
  • Scrapers are adjustable in and out - up and down to fit any contour
  • No Hand Cleaning = More Planting

with and without scrapers

Left image shown without Wheel Scrapers and right image shown with Wheel Scrapers.

NEW! Gauge Wheel Scraper for Case IH

New Case IH Gauge Wheel Scraper

The Case IH 1200 planters from 2002 and newer that have the 5/8” X 3” bolt on gauge wheel will accept the Schaffert scraper to clean the gauge wheels of mud.  Prior to 2002 the IH planters had a water pump bearing that was held on the gauge wheel arm with a roll pin.  The newer planter cannot have a scraper that is bolted on the outside of the gauge wheel arm because it would interfere with the large transport wheels Case IH put on many of their larger planters, especially the narrow transport and central fill planters. 

Schaffert Mfg. Co. has introduced a new scraper that bolts on the inside of the gauge wheel arms on the 2002 and newer planters.  This new scraper eliminates the problems associated with the lift and transport wheels on these newer planters.  Schaffert Mfg. Co. has had a gauge wheel scraper for the older Case IH planters for years.  The plastic scraper has vertical slotted holes with horizontal holes in the bracket to give a person in and out and up and down movement to fit the gauge wheel tires properly.  These gauge wheel scrapers will give you a clean tire in all wet planting conditions, keeping the planter units from riding out of the ground.

The Case IH gauge wheel scraper is very easy to install without drilling any holes.  When ordering you will need right and left hand brackets.  

Re-Designed Press Wheel Scraper for Case IH

Press Wheel scraper for Case IH Planters

Features & Benefits

  • Wedge (shown in red) added to bend scraper around tire
  • Scraper curves to fit contour of tire
  • Scraper takes on shape of the tire

Press Wheel Scraper for Great Plains

Adjustable press wheel scraper and bracket for Great Plains

Press Wheel Scraper for John Deere 455 Drills

Press wheel scraper and bracket attached to a John Deere 455 drill