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Case IH Seed Boots

Know the seed boot on your Case IH 800-1200 series planter when ordering Rebounders®

 If you have an older model seed boot, please consider updating it when ordering new Rebounders. Rebounders for old boots WILL NOT work on the new boots. The old style seed boots are no longer made or available.

Seed boot and Rebounder chart for Case IH 800, 900, 950, 955, and 1200 series planters

The New 1200 Seed Boot

Rebounder and mounting bracket for newer style (late 2009 to present) Case IH seed boot with a welded in notched chair for fertilizer tube
Rebounder and mounting bracket for newer style (early 2009) Case IH seed boot with a welded in solid chair

When ordering Rebounder Seed Covers for your Case IH planter please note that there are a few different seed boots in circulation.

Verify that you have a new 1200 seed boot or one that has been recently updated. See the illustration to determine if you have either one of these seed boots.

If so, you will need to specify that you have one of these when you order Rebounders, and you will recieve the Orange Rebounder as pictured (note one hole in the top of it), along with the mounting bracket pictured below. Please note that the mounting bracket has the roll pin location on the TOP of the bracket, not the back part of the bracket.

The 2009 seed boot has a support piece welded in the back side of the seed boot under the cover disc bracket where it bolts to the seed boot. These IH seed boots work on 800/900/1200 series planters.

Be sure to check your seed boot before ordering Rebounders!

The Original 1200 Seed Boot

Rebounder and mounting bracket for the old style Case IH seed boot (prior to 2009)

If you have the ORIGINAL 1200 seed boot, or one prior to 2009 then you will need to specify that when ordering Rebounders.

The picture below shows the OLDER 1200 seed boot along with the style of Rebounder, and mounting bracket. Please note the Rebounder has 2 holes at the top and the mounting bracket has the roll pin hole on the BACK of the bracket.

This style of Rebounder WILL NOT WORK with the new style bracket as shown above!

Updated Rebounder Bracket for New Case IH 1200 Seed Boots

short animation showing a Rebounder twisting on the Case IH seed boot
the Rebounder with new guard bracket, keeping it centered on the Case IH seed boot

Some farmers with the new Case IH planter seed boot were having difficulties with their Rebounders not staying centered over the furrow. The Rebounder was having a tendency to twist in this new style seed boot.

To address this problem, we have added an additional guard to the Rebounder bracket. This guard keeps the Rebounder centered.

Rebounder with updated bracket and guard for new Case IH seed boots
The new guard bolts between the Rebounder and the mounting bracket to keep the Rebounder from twisting in the seed boot.

If you are having this dilemma with your Case IH Rebounders, please call 800-382-2607 or 308-364-2607 for a free update.

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