B.J., Illinois - Schaffert Mfg. Co.

B.J., Illinois

We purchased a new Twin Row 1632 Kinze  planter in 2018 with Precision equipment on it. We planted corn and soybeans and had very erratic depth control and seeds that were rolled together. It didn’t seem to matter if we planted at 10mph or 5mph.

In 2019 Precision thought they had our problems solved but throughout the planting season, we saw all of the same issues.

With 140 acres of beans left to plant, we retro-fitted Schaffert Rebounders on 4 rows of the planter. After planting at a speed of 8 mph, we dug 5 foot long trenches in the seed furrow to compare seed depth consistency. Our target was 1.5″ seed depth.

With the firmers, we found erratic seed depth varying from 1.75″ deep to on top of the ground, and some of the some seeds rolled together. The most variance found with the Rebounders was 1/4″.