2x2 Fertilizer Disc Archives - Schaffert Mfg. Co.

B.H., New York

Two years ago we ran one Gen 2 “Out the Back” opener on our 24 row 20 planter. We eliminated the soil build-up on the gauge wheel and also noticed less seedbed disturbance compared to our other fert openers.

This past year we purchased the other 23 Gen 2s. We were concerned that the Gen 2 hose bracket placed starter fertilizer a little farther to the side but after this season’s results we are pleased with the way the Gen 2s performed.

C.S., Indiana

I put “Out the Back” fertilizer discs From Schaffert Mfg. on my White 6000 Planter in 2009. We planted corn in wet conditions in southern Indiana and they worked very well. We put down 18 gallons of 32% nitrogen.

A neighbor had a liquid attachment on his JD planter in front of the planter. He had fertilizer and mud all over his planter. My planter stayed clean all season.

I really liked the job the Schaffert Fertilizer Disc did. We will put more fertilizer on this year with the discs.

R.H., Nebraska

I have had the “Out the Back” fertilizer disk openers for only a year, but they seem to be working great. I have them on a 7000 JD 16 row so I had to put updated tail sections on; with the new tails on they are very simple to take on and off.

Last year was a wet spring for us and the out the backs discs worked great compared to discs in front of the unit because the gauge wheels never had to run in wet dirt that was turned up from factory openers. I placed the fertilizer 2X2, and ran a rate of 25 gal per acre and didn’t have a problem at all.

Schaffert is sending me the deflectors to run beside the disk which should solve the one problem that I had, which was every once and awhile a cob would get stuck between the disk and fertilizer tube and plug it up (which usually only happened in the corn on corn ground).

I would recommend these to anybody placing fertilizer off to the side. They are simple and they work well, but the best thing I like is they keep the fertilizer off the planter.

T.H., Kansas (Dealer)

As a Case IH dealer we have sold several “Out the Back” fertilizer disc systems. Being a dealer you want to offer a good product that works and is cost efficient to the customer. The 2 X 2 system is easy to install by replacing one of the OEM covering discs on Case planters with the fertilizer disc setup.

This system gives the owner some options on how they place the fertilizer. A couple of options would be to stream the fertilizer on with stream tip nozzles or use orifice plates further up the system so that you can stream the fertilizer on by dragging a hose in the slot the disc cuts. Either way we set it up the customers are very satisfied.

A benefit of the “Out the Back” system is that the planter stays clean of fertilizer especially since now they have the orange boot attachment, unlike some other systems which apply fertilizer ahead of the row units. We have enough customers using the 2 X 2 “Out the Back” that it sells itself.

B.K.., Indiana

I bought my Kinze 3500 8/16 in 2010. Put Niemeyer shoes on and wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do; I wanted higher starter fertilizer rates. I saw the G2 system advertised in a magazine and liked the set-up.

The G2 is very cost effective for me because I also plant soybeans with this planter. It allows me to run a 2×2 at the rates I want (15 gallon of 28). The Mohawk closing wheels work well in my heavier soil.

Last, the tech support has been the best part. When you call with a question you can actually talk to the owner. If you’re looking for versatility on your planter at a reasonable price, I recommend checking into Schaffert products.

T.I., Alabama

We have used the G2 2×2 for two years now, and doing so, we are extremely happy with the results. This system allows us to put nutrients close to the seed where it is readily available. This helps establish the plant early and saves money on fertilizers. We highly recommend it.

B.D., Michigan

I have used the “Out the Back” fertilizer system from Schaffert for six years now and plan to keep using them. The staff and owner at Schaffert are top notch. You couldn’t ask for better service. Great product!