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J.G., Nebraska

I went from having 78% plants up within 36 hours of each other, to over 95% of the plants up in a 36 hour period with the addition of the 4 Link Closers on.

P.M., South Carolina

Last winter you were kind enough to spend time explaining the operating principles and benefits of your 4 Link Closers and Rebounders. Having started no-tilling in 1972 (under variable and adverse soil conditions), I have a deep appreciation for products that perform under challenging circumstances.

The addition of your Rebounders and 4 Link Closers to my Case IH 800 planter resulted in the best and most uniform stand of corn that I have ever had. This was planting “green” into a dense cover crop.

Schaffert Rebounders and 4 Link Closers were 100% trouble free, and produced excellent results under difficult conditions. Thank you for your personal service and outstanding products!

J.G., Nebraska

Kris and Paul Schaffert explained how the stock closing wheels on my John Deere planter can lift the row unit out of the ground in rough conditions created by pivots, wash outs, or even root balls that don’t get cleaned out by the furrow openers. I tried their 4 Link Closers, and was amazed at how smooth the planter ran through the field.

Another thing that was impressive was how consistent the seed to soil contact was.  Whether the soil was clay, silt, wet, or dry, the closer tucked the seed in the soil like a freshly tilled garden.

We even had some rain following some wet planting conditions, but the crust was so minimal that it had no effect on the seed emergence.