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Side Placement of Fertilizer

Utilize Side Placement for High Volume Output

John Deere, Kinze, White, Yetter

 229/row G2 fertilizer disc

 300/row JD Cotton Closer Dual G2 kit

 40/row dual tube for G2


 247/row G2 fertilizer disc

 40/row dual tube for G2

Case IH 800-1200

 45/row Fertilizer tube

 92/row Dual fertilizer tubes

Case IH 2100

 60/row Fertilizer tube In-Between

 120/row Dual fertilizer In-Between kit

 49/row Fertilizer tube Out the Back

 85/row Dual fertilizer tubes Out the Back

 175/row G2 fertilizer disc

 300/row Dual G2 fertilizer discs

Plants require 14 essential nutrients for healthy growth. The absence of any one nutrient in the soil can limit plant growth, even when all other plant nutrients are present in adequate amounts. The three macronutrients that are essential for food production and quality are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Fertilizer placement in relation to the seed is the key to successful plant growth. Proper placement maximizes plant usage and minimizes fertilizer runoff and waste.

Our side placement fertilizer systems are compact, lightweight, and place liquid behind the planter. The popular G2 fits most planters, and we have side placement liquid fertilizer tubes for Case IH planters.

Side Placement Options

G2 Fertilizer Disc

for John Deere, Kinze, White, Great Plains, Monosem, Yetter

G2 fertilizer disc and walking beam arm bracket

The G2 fertilizer disc applies larger quantities of starter or nitrogen fertilizers, 2″-4″ to the side of the row and up to 2″ deep.

This 8″ or 9″, 11 lb. single disc opener mounts behind the planter on the press wheel brackets.


 247/row Monosem

 300/row John Deere Cotton Closer & Case IH 2100

Side Placement Tubes for Case IH

2x2 fertilizer tube for Case IH

This stainless steel side placement fertilizer tube mounts directly to Case IH planter units and moves independently of the covering disc bracket. Its compact design injects fertilizer directly into the slice opened by the Case IH leading cover disc.

 45/row for 800-1200 series planters

 92/row dual tubes for 800-1200 series planters

 49-60/row for 2100 series planters

 85-120/row dual tube kit for 2100 series planters

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