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Standard, rubber closing wheels have a tendency to press the soil closed causing a smooth effect, especially when the soil is wet. On a hot, dry windy day, the furrow will crack back open exposing the seed. The Zipper Closing Wheel will eliminate this problem.

About the Zipper

The Zipper is a 13″ angled spiked closing wheel designed to take the place of standard, rubber closing wheels. It works in all soil types, and is the go-to wheel for the toughest of no-till conditions.

The non-aggressive, 1″ angled spikes on the Zipper feather the soil in the furrow while simultaneously applying pressure to ensure the furrow is zipped shut.

As the spikes close they create indentations which allow moisture to sink in, increasing seed-to-soil contact.

Zipper closing wheels are angled so that when they engage the soil at the 5, 6, and 7 o’clock positions, they are breaking the side wall down over the seed plus compacting the soil around the seed. Then, when they exit the soil at the 8 o’clock position, they are angled such that they release the soil, leaving it compacted around the seed. Because of this, you will not need to drag a chain behind them.

Other closing wheels on the market are aggressive and have the potential of actually flipping seeds out of the furrow. You will not have that problem with the Zipper.

Benefits of the Zipper


  • Longer wear, heavy duty cast metal rims & wheels
  • Breaks down sidewall and zips seed V shut at the same time
  • Tubular design of spike allows it to release soil and eliminate plugging while compacting the soil around the seed
  • Angle design doesn’t flip or throw soil out; it allows for accurate release
  • As the Zipper closes it creates indentations which allow moisture to sink in
  • Feathers the soil in the seed V with its wide track design
  • Designed to break up compaction without being too aggressive
  • 1″ spike will not get too close to or disturb seed
  • Allows for better seed-to-soil contact

Eliminates Common Problems

  • Compacts the soil better than straight-fingered wheels
  • Moves soil with minimal compaction into the furrow
  • Eliminates air pockets
  • On a hot windy day the trench will not break back open

Where They Work—Suitable for Many Soils

  • Made to work in tough soils
  • Works in no-till or conventional

Ease of Installation

These photos were taken comparing two fields right across the road from each other at the same time.

The planter planting corn into corn stubble had regular press wheels. The planter planting corn into wheat stubble had Zipper closing wheels. The ground was muddy when these plants were planted, the soil heavy and wet.

The weather turned hot and windy after planting, and you can see where the seed V closed with the regular press wheels has cracked back open. Here, the corn plants are leaning, and unable to throw out good root systems.

This study was performed in wet, less than ideal conditions by Beck’s Hybrids 2015 Practical Research.

“Wheels that crumbled the seed trench shut from the sides generally outperformed wheels that applied more pressure above the seed. In the wet conditions we were planting into, this action helped decrease compaction above the seedling and allowed for more even and uninterrupted emergence.” – Beck’s

All-Cast Zipper

The NEW all-cast Zipper Closing Wheel won’t build up with mud due to not having plastic rims catching mud on each side.

We experimented with these in 2019 in very wet soils and farmers were impressed with how clean they stayed in wet sticky soils.

Hub Covers help prevent wrapping of vining cover crops


Many of the spiked wheels on the market wrap or plug in cover crops. The cast Mohawk is less likely to plug or wrap in heavy cover crops.

If they do start to wrap, one can order Hub Covers (shown here) as an option to prevent wrapping of cereal rye, vetch and other vining crops

We have even had farmers switch the Zippers around (shown below), running the right on the left side of the planter and the left wheel on the right with the fingers turned inward, to eliminate wrapping of cover crops.

Zippers have been switched around to help eliminate wrapping


Schaffert Mfg.’s all-cast wheels are an excellent option for John Deere and Case IH drills.

Cast Zipper on a Case IH 500 drill
Cast Mohawk on Case IH 500 with eccentric bolt
Cast Zipper on a John Deere drill

Included in the cast wheel kit for these drills is an eccentric bolt that changes the pitch in on the back side of the closing wheel. This allows the wheel to bring soil in into the furrow behind the wheel, compacting it down around the seed.

Zipper Spyder™

The NEW Zipper Spyder is a self-cleaning wheel in wetter soils. They weigh 11 pounds each.

Many of the spiked wheels on the market wrap or plug. We have had farmers switch the Zipper Spyders around, running the right on the left side of the planter and the left wheel on the right with the fingers turned inward and interlocking, to eliminate plugging.


The following photos show a used Mohawk closing wheel next to a brand new Mohawk ring. The wheel has been run 9000 acres and is still in good working condition. Wheel courtesy of John Yeutter, Eustis, NE.

Zipper Distinct Features over the Mohawk

  • More aggressive
  • Breaks up sidewall compaction better
  • Rototills soil in for better compaction
  • Pulls more soil from the sidewall in over the seed because the spikes are angled out and down
  • Creates an ice cream cone shape with the soil in and above the seed V (the Mohawk creates a flat ice cream cone shape)
  • Less mud build-up
  • Rocks or root balls will not stick
Zipper (left) wheels create an ice cream cone shape with the soil in and above the seed V. Mohawks (right) create a flat ice cream cone shape.