Y-Not | In-Furrow Fertilizer Fitting for the Rebounder


In-Furrow Fertilizer Fitting for the Rebounder

About the Y-Not

As the Rebounder places the seeds in the bottom of the furrow, the Y-Not places fertilizer halfway up the sidewall.

The Y-Not allows fertilizer to soak into the sidewall and keeps it from going directly onto the seed. It is insurance against fertilizer burn.

The holder in the kit acts as a guide, keeping the disc from rubbing on the 1/4″ fertilizer or chemical hose.

Micro Y and Rebounder on a newer Case IH 1200 seed boot


Sometimes when applying less than 5 GPA, one side of the standard Y splitter may plug. We have a micro Y that eliminates this plugging problem, allowing liquid rates as low as 1 GPA.

This new for 2018 yellow Y has half size holes for placing lower volumes of fertilizer on the side walls.

  • Hole size reduced by half
  • With standard clear Y splitter, you must apply at least 6+ GPA to prevent plugging on one side
  • With micro Y, you can put on as low as 1 GPA and both sides will remain open
Standard clear Y and micro yellow Y

Benefits of the Y-Not

Seed germination can be damaged when starter fertilizers or those with sulfur or high nitrogen content are placed directly on the seed (in drier or sandy soils).

Soil types play a large role in what method of fertilizer application should be used (direct or split), so we would advise you to talk to your fertilizer dealer or crop consultant. Many farmers with higher rainfall and/or heavier textured soils sometimes put fertilizer such as 10-34-0 or 9-18-9 on with the Y-Not Split-It.

Using the Y-Not Split-It with the Rebounder will give you a barrier of soil between the seed and the fertilizer. This little insurance could mean a lot to your peace of mind as well as higher yields. Many farmers and fertilizer/seed dealers are looking at this with great interest as a simple and beneficial way to give the crop an added boost in its earliest stage of development.

Ear size and bushels are determined early on in the developmental cycle, so you can see how this could be beneficial to the long term outcome. Even soybean yields can be increased with in-furrow fertilizer application. As much as five bushels per acre have been reported from farmers using the Rebounder with the Y-Not Split-It.

Y-Not and Rebounder on a John Deere seed tube
  • Fertilizes sidewalls of seed V
  • Ensures that seeds will not be drenched
  • Apply up to 10 gallon in-furrow
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to install

Bullet Check Valves


Bullet check valves are optional with the Y-Not. They allow pressure and stop the flow of liquid directly above the Y-Not when the fertilizer pump is shut off.

If using bullet check valves, you may want to install the Y-Not kit shown in this picture.

Important points to remember when using bullet check valves:

  • All fertilizer must be filtered before it goes into any check valve. Filtering will prevent the check valve from sticking open or closed.
  • All systems must be thoroughly washed and/or blown out at the end of the planting season to prevent crystals in the lines. This will help prevent the check valves from becoming plugged for next planting season.