Rebounder | NEW | Schaffert Mfg. Co.


Schaffert Mfg. Co. keeps up with technology, and introduces new innovative brackets to mount on new seed tubes and planter units. Rebounder mounts recently introduced fit Precision Planting®‘s BullsEye® seed tubes, CrustBuster drills with dry fertilizer tubes, Great Plains’ Clear-Shot® seed tube, John Deere ExactEmerge™ planters, Kinze EdgeVac®, Precision Planting’s WaveVision® seed tubes, and the White 9000 Series planters.

We work closely with farmers and dealers, and have had much success with the many planters equipped with these attachments. Each new Rebounder and mount has been made to work with our in-furrow fertilizer options.

BullsEye® Seed Tube

The new insert for the Precision BullsEye seed tubes will eliminate having to cut on the Rebounder in order to mount it to the seed tube. This new insert can be attached to the Rebounder before installing to the seed tube.

CrustBuster Drills Using Dry Fertilizer Tubes

This new mounting bracket uses the 5 hole Rebounder to fit CrustBuster 3400/3700/4000 series drills with dry fertilizer tubes.

Great Plains Clear-Shot® Seed Tube

The tan or flesh colored Clear-Shot seed tube can be found on Great Plains YP/3PYP/25 series planters.

John Deere ExactEmerge™ Planters

After much demand, we’ve developed a Rebounder mounting bracket to fit John Deere’s ExactEmerge planters. The Rebounder provides an excellent method of applying fertilizer in-furrow with one of the in-furrow fertilizer kits.

Kinze EdgeVac®

Kinze began installing the EdgeVac seed tube on planters in 2006, and in 2012 it became standard on all new planters. The EdgeVac seed tube which is much larger in size than the older models of Kinze seed tubes. This larger seed tube is a tight fit between the double disc openers. The Rebounder no longer uses the bottom tie strap on the Rebounder, because it will rub on the double disc openers. This prompted Schaffert Mfg. Co. to make a bracket to hold the Rebounder in place without using a tie strap.

The new patent pending bracket is shaped like a horse shoe with a set bolt or screw installed, so that the clip is installed to fit over the Rebounder and on the inside opening at the bottom of the seed tube. There is also a centering bracket that is placed in the Rebounder to keep the Rebounder centered on the seed tube. This centering bracket is held in place with one tie strap at the top of the Rebounder. Once the horse shoe bracket is slid into the end of the seed tube on the back side away from any contact with seed, it is tightened into place with the set bolt or screw.

This new bracket system keeps the Rebounder centered both on the seed tube as well centered in the seed V. The newly designed narrower Rebounder eliminates any vibration of the seed tube, because it is made to lightly touch the side walls of the seed V and not drag seeds. We also have narrower Rebounders for Kinze planters prior to 2012.

WaveVision® Sensor

With the WaveVision seed tube, the angle on the back of the seed tube where we normally mount changed when Precision put the new sensor down at the bottom of the seed tube. Seed tubes have a curve so that when planting at 5mph the seed enters the seed V at zero velocity. The inside of the WaveVision seed tube still has the curve, but the outside has been squared up. In order to accommodate this and get the Rebounder back to the necessary 27 degree angle to the planter unit, we designed a mounting bracket that is raised on the bottom end and therefore keeps the backward curve of the seed tube.

White 9000 Series

The new Agco White 9000 planters have large double disc openers. We introduced a new Rebounder that would have a mounting clamp that would install on back of the inside of the seed tube and be bolted to the Rebounder to hold it in place at the proper depth in the seed furrow. At the top of the Rebounder a tie strap would be installed over the arrow head of the seed tube holding it center on the seed tube.