In-Furrow Fertilizer Fitting for the Rebounder


In-Furrow Fertilizer Fitting for the Rebounder

About the Straight Shot

As the Rebounder places the seeds in the bottom of the furrow, the Straight Shot places fertilizer or inoculants directly on the seed from under the Rebounder.

It works very well on planter or drills that have press wheels that run on or in the furrow.

The Straight Shot will keep the fertilizer from caking up on the press wheel. It also prevents mud build up on the press tires and reduces debris getting caught up under it.


Benefits of the Straight Shot

  • Fertilizer, insecticide, or inoculants are applied with the seed from under the Rebounder
  • Keeps liquid off wheels and discs
  • Eliminates mud build up on press wheels
  • Mounts in same spot as the “y” from the Y-Not Split-It Kit
  • Lower profile design
  • Secured in place with metal plate and screws
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to install

Bullet Check Valves


Bullet check valves are optional with the Straight Shot. They allow pressure and stop the flow of liquid directly above the Straight Shot when the fertilizer pump is shut off.

If using bullet check valves, you may want to install the Straight Shot kit shown in this picture.

Important points to remember when using bullet check valves:

  • All fertilizer must be filtered before it goes into any check valve. Filtering will prevent the check valve from sticking open or closed.
  • All systems must be thoroughly washed and/or blown out at the end of the planting season to prevent crystals in the lines. This will help prevent the check valves from becoming plugged for next planting season.

Straight Shot VS Hose Holder