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For liquid fertilizer application

Looking for a fertilizer application system that works for your planter or drill? Let us help with a solution that fits your needs, requirements and budget.

Our customized Schaffert Mfg. single and dual pump systems offer everything you need.

About Our Pump Systems


The Schaffert fertilizer application system is uniquely designed and assembled to meet individual customer needs.

At the heart of our pump systems are the GX1 and GX2 distribution centers. The GX1 contains a single pump and the GX2 has dual pumps. The number of pumps needed is determined by the implement’s size and desired fertilizer application rate.

Our application kit options include:

  • 1-5# check valve per row (Wilger manifold with 1 set of orifices)
  • PVC pipe manifolds
  • 3 sets of orifices
  • 2 filters with 50 and 80 mesh screens
  • All 3/4″ and 1/4″ hose needed
  • One pump on 4-12 row systems or dual pumps on 16-48 row systems
  • 1 full port ball valve
  • Clean outs, wiring harnesses and all weather pack fittings
  • 0-60 PSI SS gauge
  • Run Hold switch with magnetic holder
  • Manual rate controller with 1 year warranty and reverse polarity protection
  • For photos and more information, see system components
ManX controller, Magmount pressure gauge, 5.3 GPM REMCO pump
Pump system on a White planter

Schaffert Mfg.’s innovative planting attachments compliment these pump systems. Use the Rebounder Seed Covers with optional fittings for in-furrow application or our 2×2 fertilizer solutions for high volume output.

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Benefits of Our Pump Systems


  • Complete pump system customized to your needs
  • Hassle free assembly
  • Pre-built tower so you can bolt on and go
  • Visualize your flow with optional Wilger columns
  • Easy adjust controller
  • Compatible with our Rebounder Seed Covers for in-furrow application and with your 2×2 fertilizer solutions for higher output nitrogen
  • Made in the USA

Standard kits include:

  • Pump(s) & filter
  • Manifold & distribution center
  • Fertilizer placement options
  • Controller & wiring harnesses
  • Automatic shut-off
We do 90% of the assembly