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You only have one chance to get it right

Uneven seed spacing and inconsistent depth placement are two of the top contributors to decreased yields. Inconsistent depth placement occurs with seeds landing 3/4″ to 1-3/4″ deep. Shallow planted seeds can cause poor root structure and reduced yields.

As the double discs on a planter open a seed V in wetter, heavier soils, they tend to “orange peel” the side wall. Seeds can lodge on the side wall and not get all the way to the bottom of the seed V.

The Rebounder is a simple yet reliable and sophisticated tool that addresses the issues of seed placement and spacing. It is a small investment that pays large dividends at harvest time.

About the Rebounder

This simple yet effective planting attachment improves the accuracy and uniformity of in-furrow seed placement by funneling all seeds to the bottom of the seed V.

The Rebounder has a unique, spoon shape design that forms to the V shape of the furrow. This works in conjunction with the furrow’s V shape rather than against it. Many of the firming products on the market today work against this theory, especially in tougher clay type soils. They create additional sidewall compaction as they press through the seed V applying pressure.

The Rebounder’s spoon shape design flows gently down the furrow, not disturbing the soil or creating any additional compaction around the seed. The spoon shape design gradually narrows as it drops below the top soil surface to follow the V shape that is created by the double disc openers.

The distinct half moon notch on the bottom tip of the Rebounder allows it to run 3/8″ off the bottom of the furrow. Because the Rebounder does not drag the bottom of the seed bed, it will not drag seeds or build up with mud.

Installing the Rebounder is quick and easy. We have a Rebounder for most models of planters and drills.

On most planters the Rebounder attaches to the seed tube. It is designed to serve as an extension of the seed tube, and works with the seed tube rather than against it. The Rebounder functions as a stabilizer that keeps the seed tube in the center of the furrow.

When mounted to the seed tube, the Rebounder puts less than 1 pound of pressure on the seed tube while planting. This small amount of pressure in the seed furrow eliminates mud from building up when planting in heavy, wet textured soils. Other attachments on the market place approximately 1.5 pounds of pressure on the seed. This pressure on the seed pushes it deeper in softer soils and leaves it shallower in firmer soils, creating a wave effect in the depth placement which causes uneven emergence.

The Rebounder funnels seeds to the bottom of the seed V, eliminating seed bounce, seeds flipped on top of the soil, and uneven spacing. It produces uniform seed placement and accurate depth control. This leads to improved germination and consistent emergence, generating higher yields through healthier plants.

Benefits of the Rebounder

Patented Concave Design

  • Smooth concave design keeps the seed covered in the furrow and prevents seed bounce
  • Built-in “neck flex technology” allows for flexibility of the Rebounder in all soils
  • Enters the seed trench right behind the discs
  • Upside down spoon shaped design forms to the seed V
  • Guides seeds to the bottom of the furrow
  • Unique half moon tip prevents seed drag
  • Rebounder improves germination and consistent emergence

Eliminates Common Problems

  • Rebounder will not build up with mud
  • Will not bunch seeds
  • Will not leave seeds lodged on sidewalls
  • Does not press the seed in the ground
  • Does not drag seeds
  • Funnels all seeds to the bottom of the seed V

Ease of Installation

  • Designed to fit planters and drills
  • Can be used with optional fittings and liquid fertilizer attachments

See The Difference

The row on the left was planted with a firming attachment. As you can see, it suffers from:

  • Seeds not all centered in the bottom of the furrow
  • Bunching of seeds
  • Inconsistent seed spacing
  • Inconsistent seed depth: Some seeds are pressed into the side wall up 1/2″-3/4″ while some are pressed deeper than the seed V
  • Uneven emergence

The row on the right was planted with Rebounders. This row shows:

  • Consistent seed depth & spacing
  • Uniform emergence

This photo was taken on a farm in southern Illinois.

(L) Planted with firming attachments (R) Planted with Rebounders

See more photos of the difference Rebounders make

Each Rebounder has the option of allowing liquid fertilizer or chemical application.

This can be accomplished directly in the furrow with the Straight Shot or Hose Holder kit, or off to each side with our Y-Not Split-It kit. We also have different styles of stainless steel tubes for planters and drills, and special options for John Deere drills.

The following animation shows the Rebounder and liquid fertilizer attachments in action.

History of the Rebounder

Over a decade ago Paul Schaffert CEO of Schaffert Mfg. and 3rd generation farmer in Red Willow County Nebraska was confronted with an issue. As one of the largest Buffalo and Tye dealers in the nation, he along with many other farmers was having difficulties with seeds bouncing in the seed trench and completely effecting seed spacing.

Paul, after many years of farming, knew the importance of seed spacing and seed depth control management and fully understood that it was one of the most contributing factors to yield performance. As one of the leading No-Till innovators in the state of Nebraska he made it his goal to engineer a product that would address this issue.

Paul recognized the importance of creating a product that would work in conjunction with the V shape of the furrow and not against it. The Rebounder’s unique, spoon shape design forms to this V shape. Even his early prototypes had the same distinguishing features you see in today’s internationally distributed Rebounder.

After years of testing prototypes on his own farm and thousands of hours of testing in the field, Paul invented a solution that he knew would address this issue, and this was the inauguration of the Rebounder Seed Cover solution. The Rebounder quickly became the next generation of innovative products designed and manufactured in the USA.