Alex Zimmerman - Schaffert Mfg. Co.

Alex Zimmerman

We swapped out all the closing wheels on our corn and bean planters in 2020. We put zippers on the corn planter. And Mohawks on the bean planter. Our Martin closers were getting worn on our corn planter. And I didn’t like the rubber closing wheels that were on our Bean planter. Both planters are Kinze 3600 with a no till set up. We no till 100% of our acres. And we plant cover crops on all the acres as well. We found the zippers to be a big upgrade over the martins. Especially going up a hillside, or planting contours. A lot less erosion from water. And it doesn’t disturb the seed bed on contours. The Mohawks were a big upgrade as well. We deal with a lot of surface residue. And getting good compaction has been a challenge. But the mohawks have done an exceptional job closing the seed furrow while keeping the compaction down. We also noticed that we didn’t need to make changes to down pressure on the closing wheel when soil conditions changed. I won’t claim a huge increase in yields or anything, as there are many aspects to consider, especially with no till and cover crops.