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M.D., Kentucky

This past winter, I installed Rebounders and Mohawks on half my planter. Once spring came, I put them to the test.

Intially, the Rebounders would ride on top of the ground. I called Paul and he told me to check my seed tube guards and disc openers and replace if needed. My guards were a little worn, but not to the point they needed to be replaced. However, a new Rebounder needs to have a new seed tube guard to perform correctly. My disc openners measured 14 7/8″ across and kept them on the planter.

I trimmed the Rebounders just a hair on a bench grinder and installed new seed tube guards. Reassembled the planter and off to the field I went again with much better results.

What I like most about the Rebounders over a seed firmer is the ability to find your seed and none of the seeds are pushed into the sidewall. The Rebounder gently pushes the seed down to the bottom of the trench where it should be.