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P.T., Missouri

I have used Rebounders on my planter now for six years. I chose the rebounders after researching other brands to place the seed firmly in the bottom of the seed trench without balling up with mud and dragging the seed in wet spots as other designs do. Using them with the why-not-splitter starter fertilizer attachment works very well. It kept the fertilizer directly off the seed. They work extremely well on my air planter which tends to have seed bounce causing unevenness in depth. All seeds are now at the same depth.

After using the Schaffert Rebounders on my IH 800 planter for two years, I decided to try them on my Great Plains No-Till Drill with coulter caddy. I am in complete no till and could not be happier with the Rebounders on the drill. It has one inch press wheels to make sure that the seed is pressed into the bottom of the furrow. An integral harrow then pulls dirt over the trench. In drier conditions the dirt pulled over the seed was sometimes dry and would dry out the seed so that it would not germinate until a rain. With the Rebounders installed, soil was pulled off both sides of the trench just before the press wheel passes by, and the dirt is usually moist resulting in good emergence in more varied field conditions. The Rebounders are a great asset.