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R.L.R, Texas

To those of ya’ll looking at purchasing Rebounders and Y-Nots for your planter I can honestly say there are worth every penny.

We put them on our planter when it was new to be able to apply liquid fertilizer. We apply 7 gallons of fertilizer with the Rebounder Y-Not set up. We have not had a problem with the fertilizer getting on the seed. If I had a planter that was not set up for liquid I would still want the Rebounders on my planter.

What I love about Rebounders is that the seeds are in a straight line in the seed trench and are in the ground. When I say in the ground I mean they are buried in the bottom of the trench. There is great soil to seed contact.

We farm in the black land of central Texas. One concern we had at first was if the Rebounders would pick up the wet black soil. They never have. We have balled our planter up and the Rebounders were clean of mud. We are replacing our Rebounders and Y-Nots after 6 planting seasons. We did not look at anything else.