T.B., Nebraska - Schaffert Mfg. Co.

T.B., Nebraska

The Rebounder with the Straight Shot puts the fertilizer down under the Rebounder with very little splatter. It also puts a little dirt on the seed before the fertilizer goes in-furrow.

We apply 10 GPA of 10-34-0 and 5 GPA of 32-0-0 + zinc for a total of 15 GPA when we plant wheat and it does a great job. When planting milo and sunflowers with the same machine we apply 7.5 GPA 10-34-0 + zinc. We get great stands.

The Rebounder does not press the seed into the hard trench, but places a little loose dirt over it. This keeps keep the seed from bouncing all over the seed slot.

We have had all the way from the original Rebounder up the recent one with the Straight Shot incorporated into it. The Rebounder wears really well. We just put our 3rd set on and each set probably went over 7500-1000 acres.

They do what Paul says they will do!!