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T.H., Kansas (Dealer)

As a Case IH dealer we have sold several “Out the Back” fertilizer disc systems. Being a dealer you want to offer a good product that works and is cost efficient to the customer. The 2 X 2 system is easy to install by replacing one of the OEM covering discs on Case planters with the fertilizer disc setup.

This system gives the owner some options on how they place the fertilizer. A couple of options would be to stream the fertilizer on with stream tip nozzles or use orifice plates further up the system so that you can stream the fertilizer on by dragging a hose in the slot the disc cuts. Either way we set it up the customers are very satisfied.

A benefit of the “Out the Back” system is that the planter stays clean of fertilizer especially since now they have the orange boot attachment, unlike some other systems which apply fertilizer ahead of the row units. We have enough customers using the 2 X 2 “Out the Back” that it sells itself.