2x2 Fertilizer Tube Archives - Schaffert Mfg. Co.

C. T., Texas

I farm in Central Texas, dryland conditions and installed the dual banded 2x2x2 stainless steel fertilizer tubes on Case IH 1200 planter for first time last year and was very impressed.  Raised the best corn crop overall ever, had the most even corn and consistent yields across fields.  My neighbor even ask me what I had done this year and if I would do the same thing and plant his corn the following year.  In the past had operated with a pre-plant fertilizer application, 3-5 gallons pop-up fertilizer in furrow on the seed, and then a sidedress nitrogen & sulfur application.  This past year decided to cut out two trips across the field and cut out the pop-up fertilizer, ran all the fertilizer through the dual banded tubes for a total savings on fertilizer cuts and trips of about $50 per acre.  I applied 118 lbs of nitrogen with phosphorus, sulfur, and micros all through the planter and dual banded tubes; no preplant, no pop-up, and no sidedress.  Seed representative weigh wagon tested 148.8 bpa yields.  Early fertilizer placement close to the root zone is critical for plant energy and getting more nutrients into the plant.  Saving cost and raising better crops is a win-win situation for me and will be continuing to do this in the future along with more products from Schaffert Manufacturing.

K.W., Indiana

We have used the Schaffert 2×2 stainless steel fertilizer tubes on our 1250 Case planter for two years.We were dry in 2016, but had record yields in 2017 using this system. It’s a simple and low cost way to kickstart the corn. Adjustment was needed to drop the starter into the trench closing wheel slot, so for 2018, we will use the rubber boots to get closer to the wheel cut. Thank you for a good product, Paul!

R.D., Arkansas

I am planting corn with the 2×2 fertilizer tubes and I really like them—they are working great. Instead of orifices, I put a drag hose on the end of the tube and it eliminated the splatter from the dribbling out the bottom of the stainless tube.

K.W., Indiana

Just finished installing the latest 2×2 fertilizer tubes with the sliding top bracket. They fit perfectly! Great idea with the top bracket! Thank you for your efforts and for your persistence.

K.O., Nebraska

I have a set of 2×2 fertilizer tubes on my Case IH planter. Dad came over one day to check them out. His reaction? “They look good. You get me a set.”

R.J., North Carolina

We have used several sets of the Stainless steel fertilizer tubes for the CaseIH Planter. In some applications, we have replaced the old disk and pipe arrangement. We are finding that the customers much prefer the tube because it is more precise in placement and reduces the amount of fertilizer that accumulates on the press wheel. In my opinion, using the orifice and putting the fertilizer under pressure is much better than letting it dribble in the trench. We will probably use the tubes exclusively from now on.