Furrow V Closers Archives - Schaffert Mfg. Co.

A.B., Ohio

I have been using Furrow V Closers on my 6 row John Deere 7000 and my 5 row John Deere splitter. I only use the splitter every other year as I do a corn and soybean rotation. I’ve been using the FVCs for about 15 years. I only farm 170 acres, so I don’t have up-to-date equipment. I am a no-till farmer, but I do use a vertical tillage tool only following fall harvest of corn. I also still use rubber closing wheels.

The Furrow V Closers have always assured me that the furrow is always closed properly. I’m aware of all the add-ons on the market. I haven’t needed them. The V Closers are also very good in wet conditions.

Thanks for making a quality product that does the job.

Also, the young lady who answered the phone when I called to order replacement poly discs could not have been more professional and pleasant.

M.M., Iowa

I’ve tried many attachments on my John Deere 7000 planter. The Furrow V Closer is the best attachment I’ve ever put on. They do a good job of closing the seed V on my poorly drained upland clay soils.

R.W., Iowa

I plant 600 acres of corn with a John Deere planter. We try to plant early in the heavy black ground, it’s very hard to get the seed V closed properly.

We installed a set of Furrow V Closers and they do a super job of closing the seed V. We even run less pressure on our press wheels.

M.J., MN

I love the Furrow V Closers in our no-till operation, they move the correct amount of soil needed for seed to soil contact and seem to close the seed V very well.

Also, Schaffert Mfg. staff are very helpful to work with!