Our Customer Service Archives - Schaffert Mfg. Co.

J.V., Michigan

We have recently ordered a part that was really needed, and Schaffert Mfg. took the liberty of sending the part overnight, and we received it the next morning. The part was sent from Nebraska to Michigan. This action is a great sign of outstanding customer service and is very appreciated.

Jake Krause, Nebraska

I have Schaffert Mohawk closing wheels and was having trouble with a air pocket above the seed when planting a little wetter conditions, I thought it was the press wheels not doing a good job. I talked to Paul and watched a video on how to level the planter. I listened to the manufacturer on leveling the tongue when I needed to get the row unit level. I did exactly that and it was closing like a dream.

P.M., South Carolina

Last winter you were kind enough to spend time explaining the operating principles and benefits of your 4-Link Closers and Rebounders. Having started no-tilling in 1972 (under variable and adverse soil conditions), I have a deep appreciation for products that perform under challenging circumstances.

Thank you for your personal service and outstanding products!

B.K., Indiana

The tech support has been the best part. When you call with a question you can actually talk to the owner.

If your’re looking for versitility on your planter at a reasonable price, I recommend checking in to Schaffert products.

J.F., Illinois

Thanks for all your help getting me started originally, and I appreciate all you do if I have questions or need parts. It’s nice to have a manufacturer that works hard to make their product work no matter what your situation is. Great products, great company.

C.S., Missouri

I want to very sincerely thank you for delivering the balance of our order last Saturday. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with that action!

I seem to spend a disproportionate amount of my life arguing with people over how they are going to correct their mistakes. In this case, I would not even classify it as a mistake. We simply had a miscommunication and you still went the extra mile to get me what I needed. I will remember that

D.S., Nebraska

I have never had any better service from any company than Schaffert Manufacturing.

If you call with a question, you can usually talk to Paul, the owner. Or if you have any problems with any of their products, they are handled very quickly, and more than fairly.

If every company in the agriculture sector built as good of products, and stood behind them like this company does, my job as a producer would be much easier and more profitable.

B.D., Michigan

I have used the “Out the Back” fertilizer system from Schaffert for six years now and plan to keep using them. The staff and owner at Schaffert are top notch. You couldn’t ask for better service. Great product!

M.D., Kentucky

After testing Schaffert Products this spring, next year I will add more Schaffert Products on the planter. The results speak for themselves.

If that wasn’t enough, their customer service is second to none. I am a pleased customer, but better yet, I’ll be a returning customer.


Great product support. Very patient and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work.