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Michael, Matthew and Mike Hajda. Scott & Hajda farms, Granger Texas.

My family farms in the central Texas Blackland’s, we have been running the rebounders for about 12 years now. Before we put them on you would be walking behind the planter and find seeds on top of the ground. After we installed the rebounders, that was eliminated, keeping the seed in the bottom of the trench properly placed. We have tried other firmers before, none have done the job that the rebounders have produced. Would highly recommend them to any fellow farmer.

R.S., Minnesota (Dealer)

In 2006, 2 neighboring farmers in our area each own John Deere planters, one with Rebounders and one without Rebounders. The only thing that divides them is the county road. They planted their soybeans at the same time in the same soil type and conditions.

We had a dry season and the farmer with the Rebounders on his planter had a good uniform stand of soybeans and the other farmer without Rebounders didn’t get all his seeds covered and had a stand of various heights due to the dryness and having to wait for a rain to get the rest of the seeds to emerge. The season continued dry.

During early September with the fields drying down across the hills and valleys and maturing at the same time the farmer with the Rebounders will be able to harvest sooner because of uniformity. The farmer who didn’t use Rebounders still has green soybeans in the valleys and will be waiting for his later soybeans to mature.

C.R., Oklahoma

I run a John Deere 7300 8 row 30 and I wouldn’t run without Rebounders. I really like the Rebounders in cotton planting. Better seed depth and all in the bottom of the furrow.

I had one missing last year during cotton planting. The seed spacing was not as good and the depth was better on the other rows. I saw seed close to the top on the row that was missing the Rebounder and it didn’t come up til it rained.

K.R., Iowa

I have a White Planter 8180, 16 Row and this is my 2nd Set of Rebounders. I had white Rebounders first and went to orange and they last a lot longer. I am very happy with their performance and helped the germination. On soybeans we got an unbelievable stand. Any seed that hit the ground grew. We had better seed to soil control than without Rebounders.

K.F., Illinois

With the competitor’s brand on I would find seeds pressed into the side walls of the furrow. Then I switched to the Rebounders and now I find all seeds in the bottom of the furrow.

G.B., Ohio

Very satisfied with the Rebounders. We had a great stand with the Rebounders. They are very easy to install.

M.D., Kentucky

This past winter, I installed Rebounders and Mohawks on half my planter. Once spring came, I put them to the test.

Intially, the Rebounders would ride on top of the ground. I called Paul and he told me to check my seed tube guards and disc openers and replace if needed. My guards were a little worn, but not to the point they needed to be replaced. However, a new Rebounder needs to have a new seed tube guard to perform correctly. My disc openners measured 14 7/8″ across and kept them on the planter.

I trimmed the Rebounders just a hair on a bench grinder and installed new seed tube guards. Reassembled the planter and off to the field I went again with much better results.

What I like most about the Rebounders over a seed firmer is the ability to find your seed and none of the seeds are pushed into the sidewall. The Rebounder gently pushes the seed down to the bottom of the trench where it should be.

R.L.R, Texas

To those of ya’ll looking at purchasing Rebounders and Y-Nots for your planter I can honestly say there are worth every penny.

We put them on our planter when it was new to be able to apply liquid fertilizer. We apply 7 gallons of fertilizer with the Rebounder Y-Not set up. We have not had a problem with the fertilizer getting on the seed. If I had a planter that was not set up for liquid I would still want the Rebounders on my planter.

What I love about Rebounders is that the seeds are in a straight line in the seed trench and are in the ground. When I say in the ground I mean they are buried in the bottom of the trench. There is great soil to seed contact.

We farm in the black land of central Texas. One concern we had at first was if the Rebounders would pick up the wet black soil. They never have. We have balled our planter up and the Rebounders were clean of mud. We are replacing our Rebounders and Y-Nots after 6 planting seasons. We did not look at anything else.

P.A., Indiana

The Rebounders really work well on the Tye 15′ Drill. You don’t see any beans uncovered like I used to before I put the Rebounder on. There’s more uniform depth placement also.

W.T., Missouri

The Rebounders work wonders for our seed depth and I wouldn’t run my John Deere without them. The product is great and has really helped me with my yields.