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At Schaffert Mfg., we firmly believe that a better harvest begins with precision adjustments, not only with your planter or drill, but also in the type of attachments you select. We specialize in customizing a wide variety of attachments and fertilizer application systems to each of your specific needs.

Labeled diagram of the Y-Cam with 4-Link Closer, Chicken Tracker, 2x2x2 fertilizer, and notched closing disc.
Y-Cam Closing System

Add the Chicken Tracker press wheel and your preferred style of closing discs (9″-10.5″) to the 4-Link Closer with our new Y-Cam walking beam bracket.

The Chicken Tracker will mellow plus pack soil around the seed, eliminating air pockets and clods.

The 4LC offers more vertical travel in the field, up to 9″, giving more even depth control.

The Y-Cam includes the option of single or dual side placement liquid fertilizer.

Y-Cam brochure  —  Y-Cam mounting instructions

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Schaffert Mfg's four all-cast wheels

Our all-cast Mohawk and Zipper work well in wet, sticky soils because they will not plug with mud. They also work well in cover crops.

These wheels are an excellent option for drills. The drill wheel kit includes an eccentric bolt that pitches the wheel to bring soil into the furrow behind the wheel, compacting it down around the seed.

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The new all-cast Mohawk Max and Zipper Max have all the same features and advantages, plus some improvements over the original model. They have a wider base, more weight, closed spokes, and new designed angles that shed mud even better.

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G4 on a tail section
G4 with 2×2 fertilizer disc and cast Mohawk closing wheels

The newest addition to our G-Series line of walking beam axles is the G4. The G4 has a removable disc mounting plate and can be set up to use with or without fertilizer.

Like the G2 and G3, the G4 offsets the closing wheels on an axle beam that allows them to “walk” over obstacles in the field.

The G4 side placement fertilizer kit offers multiple styles of disc and comes with optional high pressure injector orifice.

Learn More About the G-Series

In partnership with Graham Electric Planter of Sterling, Colorado, Schaffert is proud to offer our Graham 4-Link Force.

This is an active closing wheel system utilizing Schaffert’s patented 4-Link parallel arm closing wheel attachments with Graham’s patented wireless control solutions.

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Machined gauge arm with wheel scraper mounted to a gauge wheel We now offer improved gauge wheel arms with sealed bearings and wear stop guard, making the arm last longer and fit tighter, eliminating side movement and tire wear.

These arms are made with a machined space to easily bolt the adjustable gauge wheel scraper kit directly to the arm – no cutting or welding required.

Click to see how the scraper mounts.

Machined gauge arm fits John Deere planters.


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Schaffert Mfg. is a short-line dealer for many lines of farm equipment. We also carry parts for these. Renting options are available.

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Schaffert Mfg. is a short-line dealer for many lines of farm equipment. We also carry parts for these. Renting options are available.

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We're continually working to improve no-till farming practices to help farmers gain the most value and production from their resources.

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